Planet Tenpin

Has closed permanently on  Monday 3rd May 2021 after 43 years! Development is on the way with no opportunity for us in this location and unfortunately we did not secure a loan to relocate. Thanks to all who bowled with us! 

We are a bowling alley with a board games cafe. We have full immersion, full motion virtual reality movie rides, arcade games, pin ball machines and pool tables. We also have a bar!
The Planet is a great place to meet up with friends or family, we’ve got a huge space here so you can have fun and be distanced! 

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Closing Monday 3rd May 2021

Planet Tenpin will close permanently on Monday 3rd May 2021, sometime around 5pm! Bowl your last games now! 

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CLOSED ON MONDAY MAY 3rd 2021 after 43 years!