Fundraising - no further opportunities exist b4 we close 3/05/2021

Looking for a fun way to fundraise for your non-profit sporting club or association? Look no more!

At Planet Tenpin, we’re here to support our community, and have a good time doing it! 

If you’ve tried the sausage sizzles in the territory sun and want to beat the heat this year, then what about selling games of bowling?

We can offer your NFP Sporting Club or Association hugely discounted game rates to be redeemed at specific times. You buy cheap, cheap games from us, and sell them through your club for raising funds!  Yep, that’s right, all you need to do is sell the game at a higher cost than what you pay and the difference is your fundraising and everyone gets the joy of bowling!

Or maybe you just need a few FREE games for a prize for your raffle. We can help with that too, get in touch!

Contact us to see what we can do for your organisation!

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